Run Leaders

Meet our Run Leaders

Louise Hawker

I started running in 2007 to help with my overall fitness. I soon got the running bug and found it helped me with my mental health.
I started with HWRC in October 2017, become a leader in January 2019, Welfare Officer in 2020 and then joined the committee as Ladies Captain in March 2023.
I love running with the club not just because of the running, but the social events and making life long friends.
Finally, becoming a leader has given me confidence to help/support others, give back something to the community and show others the great time you can have by running.

Alan Woodroof

I started my running journey back in 1999, when a work colleague, who had
already run several marathons, asked if I fancied going for a run with him.
After 2 miles I felt absolutely shattered, although I had now got the running bug!!

Since then I have ran 6 marathons, numerous half marathons, 10kms etc.
I love running not only for keeping fit, but for it’s mental health benefits. You are also part of the running community, meeting people from all different walks of life, making new friends & adding to your social life!!


I have been the current chairman for 3 years.

Brynley Giddings

I was one of founding members of the Club and have my Leaders and Coaching
qualification via England Athletics. I also arrange S&C classes through
the summer months.

Maria Brill

In my 59th year my friend asked me to do a park run, me not being a runner I walked 90% of the course. 6 months later my friend again insisted that I join a running club and do the 12 week L2R programme.
Now 8 years later I have completed 2 marathons, numerous 1/2 marathons and many 10k races.
One of the best decisions I have made has been to join HWRC. I became a run leader in 2022, with the support of the club, and I’ve never looked back.

James Strachan

Joaquin Polo

I started hiking in the mountains. Also doing other activities like climbing, mountaineering, canoeing, cycling, etc. I started to do more and more hiking activities. I did a technical trails course in the mountaineering federation.

I had learned how to design and do trails in the mountain. I have done some quality control of some trails. I started running to do more intensive exercise in the city. Later I did some run in the mountains.

I have done some road races and some trail runs in the mountains, including 2 ultras. It helps me to disconnect mentally.

I became a leader to help people start running.

Louise Newland

Mike Westmore

Paul Newland

Tony Rawson

Martin Hawker