Run Leaders

Meet our Run Leaders

Louise Hawker

Alan Woodroof

I started my running journey back in 1999, when a work colleague, who had
already run several marathons, asked if I fancied going for a run with him.
After 2 miles I felt absolutely shattered, although I had now got the running bug!!

Since then I have ran 6 marathons, numerous half marathons, 10kms etc.
I love running not only for keeping fit, but for it’s mental health benefits. You are also part of the running community, meeting people from all different walks of life, making new friends & adding to your social life!!


I have been the current chairman for 3 years.

Brynley Giddings

I was one of founding members of the Club and have my Leaders and Coaching
qualification via England Athletics. I also arrange S&C classes through
the summer months.

Maria Brill

James Strachen

Joaquin Polo

Louise Marshall

Mike Westmoor

Joaquin Polo