Stuart H.

Success Story – Stuart H.

The support from HWRC has been fantastic. The positive vibes helped me to progress from bit part running and not getting very far, to running three times a week and completing my first park in club colours – go #teamgreen.

I was then encouraged by the camaraderie within the club to attempt the 5 mike charity run. I was a bit scared as I wasn’t sure I could leap from 3 miles to 5 miles in such the short space of a month.

However, with great encouragement from everyone at HWRC. I started training for longer more hilly runs around Harold Hill. This paid dividends, as on race day I finished the race in 47.03. I couldn’t believe it as I had originally thought I would be happy if I could run the race in 1 hour.

I am now entering 10K races in November and December. I am running the London winter run in February and all this is building up to running the spitfire scramble in July 2018.

Thanks again to all at the club.

Stuart Herring