Success Story – Barry W.

Two years ago, when I stood, alone at the Harold Wood Park Pavilion and conceived the idea of forming a running club, I had little idea of how exciting and fulfilling this would become. My thoughts of encouraging fitness and a holistic healthy lifestyle in the community seemed a far- fetched ideal but I decided that it was worth having a go….Over the next couple of years, having stood alone many times and run alone, I was gradually joined by others, in one’s , two’s and smaller groups. Some stayed, some left. The club grew, faltered, shrank, grew again and then grew some more.

Today, I sometimes rub my eyes in disbelief when I arrive at that same spot where I stood alone, two years ago. I see a group of excited, motivated, happy athletes. We have the walkers, enjoying the exercise, the beginners, bravely working towards their own private goals. We have the social runners who enjoy being out together, enjoying their continuously improving fitness. and we have the “race horses”, competitive and working on constant improvement and increasing their fitness, strength and success.

We also have the events in which we participate as a group, the Park Runs, the 10km, 5km, 10km, half marathons and marathons and the social hikes and trail runs and various challenges and events. Every time I am with you all, I am mindful that I am among the friendliest, most supportive, happy group that could be imagined.

I thank those who came in times where there were only a few of us but persevered with me and became the kernel of this now flourishing club and I thank each and every one of you who joined to make my little dream come true.

Barry Wiseman