When & Where

Training Sessions

We meet at 6.30pm Monday to Friday at The Ingrebourne Centre, Gubbins Lane, Harold Wood
Covering distances from 5k (3.2miles) to 7k (4.4 miles).

Monday – Recovery run (5k to 7 k easy)
Tuesday – Hill runs (Up to 5 miles)
Wednesday – Recovery run (5k to 7 k easy)
Thursday – Intensity training (sprints, tempo runs or other high intensity training)
Friday – Jog & Grog Recovery run (5k to 7 k easy) Followed by a social drunk at the club

Saturday – Parkrun (5k)

Sundays 8am at Harold Wood Park for longer runs covering distance from 11k (7 miles) to 16k (10 miles) or longer as required.

Couch to 5K

We run regular couch to 5k groups where absolute beginners follow a programme which guarantees to enable them to run 5k (3.2 miles) without stopping after only 9 weeks.

Our first successful couch to 5k group of 2017. Congratulations