Join Harold Wood Running Club

Jan to March

Club Member

This is a Pro-Rata payment to join Harold Wood Running Club. This includes England Athletics registration and access to the Harold Wood Sports Association club. This Payment is from Now to the 31st March 2018

Our Fees

The Fees Payable for the current membership year are:
Harold Wood Running Club Annual Fees: £20 (Pro-rata for the number of months membership for the current membership year)
Harold Wood Sports Association annual fees: £10
England Athletics annual Membership Fees : £14
Total Annual Fees £44

Training Sessions

We meet at 6.30pm Monday to Friday at the Harold Wood Neighbourhood Centre.
Covering distances from 5k (3.2miles) to 7k (4.4 miles).

Monday – Recovery run (5k to 7 k easy)
Tuesday – Hill runs (Up to 5 miles)
Wednesday – Recovery run (5k to 7 k easy)
Thursday – Intensity training (sprints, tempo runs or other high intensity training)
Friday – Jog & Grog Recovery run (5k to 7 k easy) Followed by a social drunk at the club

Saturday – Parkrun (5k)

Sundays 8am at Harold Wood Park for longer runs covering distance from 11k (7 miles) to 16k (10 miles) or longer as required.

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